Saturday, 6 February 2016

New Year, New MonkeyBoxGaming

Well it's been another long time since last I posted, however I have a new impetus to play and review. Only my reviews aren't going to be long winded - they are going to provide you, my loyal reader (I shouldn't really talk to myself), with the information you need in a bite size amount to do what a game review is meant to do - help you decide if you should buy said game.

I will provide a short written review of the game, giving you a slice of qualitative feedback on it, and then I'll provide you with something most people look for and that is the quantitative feedback on the game.

Now each game will have a percentage score, based on scoring on 5 different areas that I deem important: 

  • Gameplay - is it easy to learn? Is it challenging enough? Are the controls intuitive? etc. 
  • Sound - including music.
  • Visuals - not just "are the graphics high quality?", but do I find the game visually appealing? This will include things such as menus, HUDs, backgrounds, all major and minor details.
  • Replayability - is it good enough to go in for sloppy seconds? Thirds? Scheduled annual replays?
  • Fun Factor - Perhaps the most important aspect of any game, "Is it fun?"
Each of these areas will have a score out of 10 (with a maximum overall score of 50), this score is then doubled to create the score out of 100 or its percentage score.

I have a pretty decent amount of games, some shit, some amazing, and I'll be randomly picking which game to play and review, that first review will be coming soon. Promise.