Friday, 12 February 2016

Bewjeweled 3

Bejeweled 3
Platform: PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, iOS, Windows Phone
Genre: Puzzle

Right well, let me start off the whole tone of this review by letting you know one simple thing which you should definitely bare in mind: I only own this game, as it was free in one of Origin's "On The House" offers.

Bejeweled 3, much like Bejeweled and even Bejeweled 2 is a puzzle game about swapping jewel tiles to make at least a row of 3 to get through 4 different game modes: 

  • Classic (continuously play until there are no possible moves)
  • Zen (much like Classic, but there is no end, and calming music plays to relax players)
  • Lightning (essentially time-trial mode)
  • Quest which has a fairly sizeable amount of mini-games and puzzles. 
There are other game modes, but you need to play and unlock them by playing the 4 game modes listed above. The visuals are OK, if not a little too much for a game such as this, and the sounds are just grating. I played the Zen mode for a while and the sounds are grating and any sense of "zen" is undone by the weirdly deep and slightly gravelling voice saying "AWESOME" when you put together a decent combo.

Although yes, it's essentially Candy Crush Saga, but that's kind of like saying that (by no way am I comparing the greatness of these games by the way) Quake is essentially Battlefield 3. Do you get what I'm saying? Yes they are both the same genre, yes the gameplay is similar, but they aren't comparable, not really.

This was always going to be a very quick fire review, because essentially life is too short for games like this, I would seriously not recommend putting your hand in your wallet for this, but if it's free (legitimately so) then fill your boots.

Gameplay: 5 - Easy to pick up and play, but boring no real challenge.
Sound: 4 - Grating, overloading with various sound effects, music and voice overs doesn't enhance, it detracts.
Visuals: 4 - Essentially the same reasoning as the sound, it's focus on weird shiny graphics serve to pull the game down further showing that no matter how you dress one up, a turd is a turd.
Replayability: 3 - Boring and repetitive.
Fun Factor: 5 - Not really fun at all, maybe for a 10-15 minute break here and there but with no real progressive game modes (like the level system in Candy Crush) this game falls flat.

Overall Percentage Score: 42% - Don't bother. I only own it because it was free through Origin, and even then I had to "um and urr" for a bit before downloading. Repetitive, boring, and overloaded with crap sounds and OTT graphics make this game one of the worst I own.