Sunday, 7 February 2016

Killing Floor

Killing Floor
Platform: PC
Genre: FPS Survival Horror

Straight in with another game that I've played on and off for the last 6-7 years or so - Killing Floor.

I wont go into the background or anything, or even attempt to make out that the plot is remotely important - it isn't - but basically a mad scientist has unleashed a load of weird mutant clones onto the city of London, himself being the Patriarch of these mutants and it's your job as a part of what's left of either the Met Police or the British Army to kill the clones in waves ending with the Patriarch either on your own or with some chums/strangers online. Simple right? Right!

It's your basic wave style game with each wave increasing in difficulty and number of enemies until the final wave consisting of the Patriarch who is a bit of a bitch to kill and will hunt you down.

There are some DLC packs that you could purchase through Steam as well, and you can explore fan-made mods that you can then implement into your game via the Steam Workshop.

The music can get grating after a few minutes but the sound effects are pretty much as you would expect for a game such as this. The visuals are OK, but considering it was originally made in 2005 as a fan made mod from Unreal Tournement 2004, they aren't going to be as good as you would expect from more recent games - however this doesn't detract from how fun the game is and how it can pull you back in time and time again.

It's easy to pick up and play, it's difficulties scale up pretty well and it's damn good fun especially when playing online.

Gameplay: 8 - Easy to pick up and play, smooth easy gameplay, classic FPS game style.
Sound: 7 - Crap music, otherwise all good!
Visuals: 7 - Decent graphics, not demanding on your PC at all.
Replayability: 8 - Although it can be forgotten among your other games, it's ability to pull you back in time and time and time again is exceptionally high.
Fun Factor: 9 - Overall, this is as fun an FPS as you can get. Well deserved 9/10.

Overall Percentage Score: 78% - definitely worth going for whenever you have the cash to hand, fun, varying difficulties, and easy gameplay make this a really good game for your collection, sound and visuals let it down slightly but not enough to stop you purchasing it.