Sunday, 17 May 2015

Guess Who's Back...

Evening All,

It's been a tumultuous 12-13 months. Some personal issues, a new job, and new education for the kids. As well as a little bit of gaming here and there.

I never wanted to leave MonkeyBoxGaming, and I never wanted to take my hiatus this long.

To all none of you who read this, I'm sorry, but I'm here to make a conscious effort to try again - firstly, by cancelling the Mass Effect serialisation - I enjoyed doing it while it lasted, but it was taking so much time and with kids and work etc it didn't leave any time for some actual gaming. Also, looking back, meh - twas ambitious, to convert a 30+ hour game into a detailed written word story. Maybe if I win the Euromillions...


I'm going to start again, some retro reviews, some new reviews, posting trailers, opinions and other bits and pieces.

But, MBG, you were never forgotten, I love you. I always will.