Sunday, 29 April 2012

Recently on the MonkeyBox - April 12

Recently in the MonkeyBox...

Evening all! Just a quick update here, I'm not going to post another Mass Effect Races post tonight, I'll probably save that for during the week.

I just want to update you all to let you know that I don't think that the gaming world revolves around Mass Effect - to an extent it does for me, but that's just because I'm so involved in the series and could replay it again and again!!

At present however, I've finally unwrapped my copy of Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception that I got for my birthday, and I must say it's a thrilling ride as are the previous 2 titles. I'll get around to doing a formal - albeit late - review on it soon, first I want to just enjoy the amazing story, beautiful graphics and sweet gameplay.

When I'm not on a console and I've got some time on the PC, I'm still ploughing my way through season after season on Football Manager 2012, again I want to write a review for this title as well since it never fails to grab me year on year. I always make my own stories in this game, like reasons why players have stopped liking me, and reasons for moving from job to job. Anyways...

At present, my manager is in charge of a resurgent West Brom team. I started life unemployed until Scottish 3rd Division side Peterhead gave me a chance, in my debut season, I got them promoted to the 2nd Division as Champions. However after this success, the lure of a big club in the English League was too much to turn down. I accepted a rebuild and win job at League 1 side, Sheffield United, much to my own arguments as a Leeds fan. However after an involuntary summer clear out of most of my best players, I had to rely heavily on the loan market to stablise my new team. At first it was shaky, but I managed to get Sheff Utd promoted to the Championship - again as Champions. After a massively rough start to life in the Championship, including a run of over 10 losses in the league and League Cup, I somehow managed to be linked with Premiership side West Brom. After applying for the job, the chairman of Sheff Utd told me to resign or be sacked, so I resigned, and shortly took the helm at struggling West Brom. Only 12 matches into the season, they were 18th in the table, and seriously struggling for any kind of form. But they had money and a lot of talent that was sitting around doing nothing. Roy Hodgson had gotten sloppy! I came in, and after 11 league matches I've steered them to 11th in the league after some tough matches included Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool and Arsenal, all the other matches (apart from a 1-1 draw with Bolton) have been resounding wins, maybe none more-so than the 8-3 spanking of Fulham. Anyway, in summary, things are looking up for me on FM12 after a shit start to the season with Sheff Utd.

My form since taking over at West Brom. Not bad if I do say so myself.
After Uncharted 3 however, I'll finally be getting my hands on Batman: Arkham Asylum, admittedly coming very late to the game there. Stay tuned as well for a run down of my Top Ten Games from 2003, a little bit of research will be needed there but that will be coming soon.

I also want to go through some of my favourite Android games as well, like Angry Birds (obviously), Stupid Zombies, Temple Run and other little games like Frozen Bubble and Alchemy.

Oh and outside of my gaming achievements and misdemeanors I am going to be doing a little something like getting married in early June and honeymooning at the end of June, so there might be a bit of lag there. Unless I sort out blogger for my mobile phone..then on the wedding day when I'm waiting around in the morning I might post something. :)


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