Friday, 20 April 2012

Mass Effect Time


I'm Toolbox 24. And I'm a massive Mass Effect Fan. From the start to the finish - even with it's somewhat flawed final 10-15 minutes.

Because the Mass Effect trilogy is more expansive, more chocka block with historical data, side missions, characters, one-liners, than a massive amount of fictional works in any medium, it deserves a huge amount of respect and admiration from the gaming community.

In the 5 years since Mass Effect came out and people the world over started to go weak at the knee's at Garrus Vakarian, laugh at Urdnot Wrex's utter brutality in everything or think that even though she's blue with tentacle-ish hair things on her head you'd still get busy with Liara T'Soni, Mass Effect has come a long way baby.

I want to guide you through most, if not all aspects of the game. From the storyline, to the weapons, to the side missions, to the comparisons between the Mako and the Hammerhead, to the sound, music, enemies, and the people we love to hate (Turian Councilor and Udina anybody?). From funny moments to sad moments to moments that you could replay again and again, from unsung heroes to brave martyrs, to megalomaniacs to humble fish loving krogan. Mass Effect is much more than a game, it may sound cheesy and cliched to say, but playing through Mass Effect is an experience. It's an odyssey. It's by far and a way, the most epic computer game series I've ever played. Hats off to Bioware for working on this amazing masterpiece, even if they did kinda go a bit JJ Abrams on the ending.

I think I'll start at a logical point - the storyline. Following through the 3 main games, from the shake-down run to Eden Prime to the trilogy's ultimate conclusion. It will be here soon.

Toolbox 24