Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Welcome to MonkeyBoxGaming

MonkeyBoxGaming - Where games go to be loved up and down.

It is the love child of Toolbox24 and Monkeyboysteve.

I am Toolbox24. I have 4 kids, work full time. But love games. Oh how I love them. Love them dearly.

And I am Monkeyboysteve, I have no life dont work very much but play computer games constantly! Games are a massive part of my life and almost as good as sex!

And we hope to share that love with anybody who will read this blog. I'm sure that eventually Monkeyboysteve will post something as well so that he can tell the world how much he loves games too.

Quick intro for now, but more will come. We wont just review new games, but older games that might be a bit out of circulation or games that might be a bit forgotten or just games that you might not have heard of.

I hope that you enjoy this blog. we know we will.

Toolbox24 + Monkeyboysteve

-PS--We will try to post links to gaming news stories that WE think are important, relevant or exciting as well! Also when it comes to reviewing games, we will be trying to review as many games as we can, but generally - I'll only be reviewing games that I like, and I think others will like. I don't see the point of reviewing a game that i think is chaff!!!