Saturday, 24 July 2010

Is pc gaming dead?


No no it is not, but some developers don't seem to give a crap about PC gaming anymore.
take Ubisoft for example. They make fantastic games, Assassins creed 1 + 2, Splinter cell, and Silenter hunter series as well as other popular titles but add the worst form of DRM ever seen in a game.
I once lost a game of silent hunter 5 where I had been playing for several hours only to be disconnected when my router went the way of the dodo.
I felt cheated by this company, its my damn game if I wanna play it without an Internet connection I will NOT be told otherwise by a company.
I promptly downloaded a crack problem solved, but it shouldn't be this way.
Piracy is just as rife on shitbox 360 but do they have to be online to play ubisoft games? no they don't!
Electronic arts is another offender albeit less serious than Ubisoft, a lot of E.A games are actually great on PC. (Obviously a lot of people hate E.A cause they are the domineering force in the games world and do a lot of things to annoy people but I couldn't care less! they make great games) but there are a few areas that PC gamers get the royal shaft!
I am talking about the sports genre.
Fifa 2010 was amazing on PS3 and shitbox, but on the PC it is closer to the PS2 version. It has none of what made 2010 great on the consoles. E.A stated it was because they were worried some people wouldn't have computers powerful enough to play fifa if it had all the bells and whistles of the console versions.
I'm sorry but most gamers have a rig more powerful than the two consoles anyway, and even if they didn't let us scale down some of the graphics and other options to allow people to play it.
It would be like saying lets make crysis 2 on the PC in the doom engine cause people may not have the computer to run it!
I have gone slightly off topic here but it seems that a lot of developers see PC gaming as the "alternative" platform now because of the consoles, And it does my head in

Rant over