Saturday, 13 June 2015

Short Review - Gunpoint

Short Review - Gunpoint (PC)

Gunpoint is a puzzle game with a difference. It's a game with simple goals, but with complex routes to achieve them. It's a game where the story is appealing and there is also a good vein of humour running through it.

You're Richard Conway, freelance spy. You've just purchased a pair of Bullfrog brand hypertrousers, giving you the ability to jump ridiculously high and land safely from those heights. You can hack computer systems and are as violent as your mouse finger dictates.

You are caught up in a murder mystery purely by chance...testing your new hypertrousers in your apartment and falling into the office across the street...

The music is just right, smooth and cool and a constant reminder that you're in a spy related game. The simple controls are quick to get used to, and the eventual upgrades that you can achieve are useful, fun, creative...and required in some cases.

In a nutshell, the game can be completed in a night but there's a wealth of new levels created by the Steam Community. Usually sells for £6, but presently (until 22 June 2015) on sale for £3. Well worth the tiny outlay (even at full price) and has good replayability. Pick it up here.

Overall Score: 8/10 - A great little game more than worth the outlay, a perfect soundtrack for what you're playing and incredibly easy to grasp and master. Timing is critical sometimes and forward thinking a must.