Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Flight of the Kerbals and Danny Glover

I suck at Kerbal space program, but it is one of those games that people can really really suck at but still have fun with it.

I have put around 30 hours into it and have now just learned (albeit not very well) how to actually play it.

I have created a series of video's that show exactly how much skill I have at this fantabulous game (f*ck all)

I will hopefully post a lot of videos in this series and progress my skill steadily the whole time, although chances are I will soon forget to post them and just look like a foolish Kerbal lover.

I am awful at finishing a video series I create, take the Danny Glovber show for instance....It has been years since I posted a proper video in the series, is it because they are shit? maybe....or is it because I am lazy? more likely.

The first Let's Play Video in all it's glory...