Thursday, 16 August 2012

Leviathan Release Date and Cost

Well hello there. It seems that I try and get away from it for a bit, but Bioware just pull me back in.

I honestly thought to myself, “Right, that’s it. No more Mass Effect for a while, I don’t want to get bored with it or anything like that.” So I played a little Knights of the Old Republic, then a little Football Manager. I started playing KotOR II but got bored part way through Nar Shadaa. I might go back to it. I even started playing some Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis on Steam.

Then I thought, sod it. I’ll do a “shitty evil bastard” playthrough of Mass Effect with my mega bitch, Millicent Shepard.

I went through Eden Prime, punching the crazed scientist, telling Kaiden to suck it up and belittling Ashley whenever I could. I then told disrespected the Council, and made something of a fool of myself, in front of the galactic audience. Saren had pwned me.

After being told Anderson was out of the investigation, and I should speak to Barla Von or Harkin…I saved the game. Turned it off. Put on Family Guy.

“Jessica Biel and Megan Fox, wearing nothin’ but their socks, is all I really want for Christmas this yeeeeear!”

Last night as I switched on my Xbox, I thought, do I continue Millicent’s rampage of being a true cunt across the galaxy? Nah, tonight I’d rather use a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle to get to Hook Island to insult Meathook’s baldness – in other words I put on The Secret of Monkey Island SE, and played about 15% of it before calling it a night. Content thinking that no, I would hold off on Mass Effect at least until I find out the release date of the Leviathan DLC. I was going to play through Monkey Island, then maybe continue that Indiana Jones game, then I dunno probably play some GTA.

Then I wake up this morning, get up and out of bed. Ready for work. I go to work. While I’m sat there working, I figure it’s time for a quick break – I don’t take fag breaks or tea breaks like most other people, I take gamer breaks. So I went onto the Bioware forums, onto the announcements page and BAM!

Yes…”BAM!”. There it is, Leviathan Release Date. Tuesday 28th August for the Xbox 360 and PC, and Wednesday 29th August for the PS3. At the moment I know it’ll cost 800MP for the Xbox and 800 Bioware Points for the PC, so I’d expect the price to be in the £6-8 range for the PS3.

So in 2 weeks time, actually 12 days time, Leviathan will be here and from what I’ve seen of the trailer it looks the fucking shit. It really does.

I for one, am now going to finish Monkey Island, then continue my evil Mass Effect playthrough. By the time I get to ME3, Leviathan should be out, and my experience should be seemless. My last evil playthrough didn’t go as I’d planned. I’d softened up a bit by the time I reached ME3. Not this time though, Millicent looks evil, and that’s the way she’s gonna stay!!!

So yeah, mark it in your calendar, and get starting on that Mass Effect playthough, like me, by the time you reach ME3 (if you just play in the evenings), Leviathan should be downloading onto your Xbox, PC or PS3.

So here you go, the trailer for Leviathan...You have come too far...

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