Monday, 16 July 2012

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut, MP DLC and Leviathan?

Hello there.

I just thought I'd throw you a couple of Mass Effect type things. Firstly, a couple of weeks ago, Bioware announced and subsequently released the much anticipated Extended Cut to the conclusion of their sci-fi epic.

I'm currently playing through ME3 with my gay Commander Shepard, and should be about to commence my long awaited relationship with Kaiden Alenko. I'm already planning that my next playthrough with my new biotic FemShep - Millicent Shepard, she'll be an out and out twat to be honest, in my attempt to sabotage everything that I can, kill as many squadmates as I can and be a general bitch to the Galaxy at large.

Anyway I'm eagerly awaiting to see how the EC looks after all my decisions have been made, I've already YouTube'd the endings since, hell I know what happens, and I didn't want to wait. Personally the extended endings are brilliant, with narration from Shepard (Control), EDI (Synthesis) or Hackett (Destroy) showing the state of the Galaxy and the fate of the races after the final showdown above Earth. There is also a new "Reject" ending, basically telling the StarBrat to piss off and that we'll try our luck conventionally - this also automatically happens if you shoot him. You'll then find that our plucky sidekick Liara had a plan in place, and that eons after we're all Reaper dust, her fail-safe has worked ensuring that the next cycle are prepared for war - and to win.

The endings are fuller, have more explanation, and adds a lot more closure to the series. In all, I fully approve the Extended Cut - and the fact that it's free makes it all the better.

Secondly, ME3 has had a lot of MP DLC thrown at it, from including more types of trooper (such as geth, vorcha and batarian) to new maps like Firebase Condor and Hydra to new weapons like the Kishock Harpoon Gun or Geth Plasma SMG. And I've wanted to play it more - I really have! - since whenever I have played it, it's been the most addictive fun! I've seen a lot of hate on a lot of websites for the multiplayer, because of it's links to the Effective Military Strength, but the fact that it can alter the way things are said in game makes it that much more involved. You see that Modern Warfare mutliplayer is one of the most popular online games out there, almost constantly played by my son and his friends and by so many people it's unreal. I've played it online, and honestly - meh. But playing Mass Effect online, fighting wave after wave of geth, Reaper forces or Cerberous troops is amazing. It doesn't feel like you're just going through the motions of online play, it feels like what you're doing is making a difference in the story. You can even add your Level 20 characters to the SP game as War Assets - 25 each. Anyway I digress as I often do.

The new gang of human classes - ready to kick some serious arse!!!
This week Bioware are releasing their next batch of MP DLC in the Earth Pack. Including 6 new classes of humans with 3 new maps on our wee little planet. Based in Rio de Janeiro, Vancouver and London. I cannot wait to get stuck in to some more MP and add my guys as War Assets.

The last thing is something I read just after the EC came out on the Bioware forums, then read on a multitude of websites, then found out the voice actor had confirmed on Twitter his role and finally a single image released at the San Diego Comic Con.


Firstly a super data-miner on the BW forums found in the massive Extended Cut DLC a load of unrelated dialogue referring to a Rogue Reaper called Leviathan. Probably related to the Leviathan of Dis, which was referred to in earlier games as a giant mechanical, bio-engineered corpse found about 20 years before the events of the first game by the batarians. They found this "Leviathan" and took it back to their home-world. You find out in ME3 (if you let Balak go in Bring Down the Sky DLC from ME1) that their scientists accidentally re-activated the giant corpse, and managed to indoctrinate a massive portion of the population and basically let the Reapers role into batarian space unimpeded. Which explains a bit of the in-game codex, especially the secondary entries under The Reaper War, specifically The Fall of Kar'Shan (the batarian homeworld). It is theorised that Leviathan though could be up to a billion years old, which could mean it was the first Reaper, there are also suggestions that it could end up as an ally, a massive War Asset for the end game. Personally this would be amazing, and made even better if Leviathan ended up being added to the end game cinematic showing the allied forces flowing through the Charon Relay.

The Newest Reaper on the block - Anthony Skordi
There is no planned date for the Leviathan DLC, but it's pretty much a dead cert, with even the voice actor for Leviathan telling the world via Twitter that he'd done the acting for it and his IMDB page being updated as such (Anthony Skordi). 

Well that was that. A very quick run down on the latest Mass Effect news. Yes I'm biased, but I bloody love them, and I'm just giving you all a little insight into the latest goings on from Palaven to Tuchanka. And when the news surfaces that Aria T'Loak will be launching the most obvious DLC of the game in retaking Omega, I'll let you know!

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